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Spiders Outdoors

Spiders rarely do damage in the garden and many are beneficial in predating on pest insects. However, some are able to bite and their webbing can be unsightly.


Spiders are not usually regarded as pests in the garden. However, the Australian white tail spider is capable of giving a painful bite if accidentally disturbed. The Australian redback spider is rare but becoming more common in New Zealand and it can give a severe bite.

Also the webbing of spiders can be unsightly and require repeated removal.


To get rid of spiders outdoors follow these steps:

Spiders can be controlled before they get a chance to build webs or enter your home.

  1. Choose a still day with a forecast of dry conditions for the next 6 hours. Apply NO Spiders or NO Bugs Super as a coarse mist to exterior walls, window frames, door frames, vents, pergolas and other surfaces which pest insects and spiders might contact.
  2. Spraying the exterior with NO Spiders or NO Bugs Super  acts as a barrier to many pests and will prevent the unsightly appearance of spider webbing build up around the home. Spray a band around the base of all external walls. Pay particular attention to doorways and around windows and vents. For spiders pay attention to eaves, pergolas, clothes lines, gutters and downpipes and other areas where spiders hide or build webs.
  3. Leave for at least 2 days before removing spider webbing with a dry brush.

White Tailed Spiders

  1. Whitetail Spiders are hunting spiders and like to hide in dark dry areas. The roof void of garages and sheds is often the place that these spiders lurk and build their nests. Spray the roof voids with residual insecticide Kiwicare NO Bugs Super or NO Spiders, or use a bug bomb fumigator NO Bugs Bug Bomb  or Borafume fumigators if the voids are hard to access.
  2. Spray exterior areas where webbing has accumulated (do not remove webbing until one week after spraying). Spray eaves, around windows and doors, vents, downpipes, wall bases, washing lines and decks.


Did you know

There are about 2500-3500 species of spider in New Zealand and more than 40,000 worldwide. Spiders are members of the Archnid family which include the mites, pseuposcorpions and harvestmen.

Only two spider families known to be non-venomous, i.e., lacking venom glands; however, their fangs can inflict infections spread through the skin, which in theory could represent more danger than from bites of non-lethal venomous spiders.

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