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Spittle Bug

Spittle bug larvae suck the sap of many garden plants. They protect themselves from dehydration and predators below an excreted spittle like foam.


Spittle bugs rarely do a lot of harm to the plants they feed on but they can cause yellowing and wilting when in large numbers and they do transmit some plant diseases. The spittle like foam can also be unsightly on garden plants.


To get rid of spittle bugs:

Spray the spittle bug foam with Organic Super Spraying Oil and leave for approximately one hour. This breaks down the protective 'spittle' foam. Then hose off the foam and spittle bug nymphs with a powerful jet of water from a hose. Heavy rain will also help to remove the bugs.

Apply PLANThealth Spectrum , Insect Hit or Rose Force to affected plants or those to be protected to control a range of sap sucking insects and some of the diseases they may transmit.

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