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Springtails are tiny insects found in the soil. They can cause damage to garden plant seedlings including brassicas.


Springtails are tiny (1 mm) brown to black insects found in the soil around the roots of some plants. They never grow wings. Some species are elongate and some have quite spherical bodies. They are named springtails because they have a tail that can act as a spring and make them jump in a flea like manner. In moist conditions development can be rapid. A population explosion can cause severe damage to plants and on occassions the insects migrate onto paths and even indoors.


Populations will usually stabilise and springtails do not often cause damage. However, their numbers when populations expolde can cause some consternation.

Around bedding and ornamental plants, if control is required, apply PLANThealth Insect Hit Granules and water in.

Around brassicas and other vegetables drench with Oragnic Insect Control. Repeat at 3 day intervals until control is achieved. Best applied late in the day.

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