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Weevils are a group of beetles that are distinguished by long snouts and legless larvae. The adults and larvae can be pests in the garden; the adults eating notches in the edges of leaves and the larvae/grubs eating plant roots.


Pest weevils in the garden include Fuller's rose weevil, black vine weevil, vegetable weevil, garden weevil, white fringed weevil and Argentine stem weevil. Although each weevil species has a favoured plant to feed on they will attack a variety of crops or plants.

Weevils are commonly found attacking:

  • Fuller's rose weevil - roses, citrus, strawberry, potato and grape.
  • Black vine weevil - greenhouse plants, strawberry, blackcurrant, grape and rhododendron.
  • Vegetable weevil - brassicas, carrot, parsnip, lettuce, beet, spinach as well as citrus, grape, gerbera and mallow.
  • Garden weevil - agapanthus, aster, chrysanthemum, crocus, gerbera, grape, succulents and many others.
  • White fringed weevil - potato, kumera, lettuce, tomato, rnunculus and brassicas.
  • Argentine stem weevil - ryegrass and other grasses in lawns and pasture.

In all cases the larvae eat the roots and the adults eat foliage.


Weevil larvae can be controlled by using LawnPro Lawnguard  sprinkled around the roots of susceptible plants and watered well in, including where Argentine stem weevil are damageing lawns.

Identify the weevil species and check all the plants in your garden that are commonly eaten by that species. When weevil beetles are causing damage to susceptible plant foliage spray with PLANThealth Spectrum or Insect Hit .

It is also recommended to remove weeds that weevils will feed on, and to cultivate soil to control weevil larvae.

Control of Weevils in Trees, Shrubs and Ornamantals

Apply PLANThealth Insect Hit Granules on the the soil around the roots of affected plants. This kills is systemic and taken up by the roots of the plant to control the weevils, other chewing and sap sucking aphids insects directly.

Did you know

Weevils are also often found as pests in the home where grain weevils will infest dried grain and other stored product foods such as grains, cereal, flour and biscuits.

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