• Wilt fungal disease

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Wilt fungi include Fusarium, Phytopthera and Verticillium soil dwelling fungi.


The wilt fungi affect the roots of susceptible plants. In most plants the growing tip wilts and falls over. Lower leaves may drop. Parts or all of the plant dies.

These sysmptoms can be similar to those of some soil dwelling insect pests so check the roots of affected plants for signs of insect grubs in the root ball.

Se also Wilting of Indoor Houseplants


Control Wilt

  • Apply Root Protect Aliette to the foliage as a spray and the roots as a drench.
  • Remove and burn badly affected plants.

Prevent Wilt

  • Before planting new plants soak the roots in Root Protect Aliette and drench the hole before planting.
  • Wilt fungi prefer soils that are wet in winter and dry in summer; improve soils by adding lots of organic matter and improving drainage.

Wilting of Indoor Houseplants

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