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Maldison Insect Control

Controls pest insects on trees, ornamentals and roses.


  • Broad spectrum control of insect pests.
  • For use on trees, ornamentals and roses.
  • Kills adults and larvae.
  • Long lasting control.


Concentrate dilution rate - 10 g powder per 5 litres of water. Coverage - 5 litre spray controls insects on approximately 10 m2. For general use, apply every 10 - 14 days from when insects start to appear. Apply to leaves on both the upper and lower surfaces. Best applied in the morning and evening in spring, summer and autumn.

For wasps, sprinkle 5 g in nest entrances where wasps land before they enter the nest. Carry out treatment in the evening when wasps are less active.

For field crickets, make a bait with grain and apply around February when adult crickets appear. Mix 12.5 g of Maldison Powder with 10 kg of grain (wheat, barley, or crushed maize) and distribute over affected lawn at the rate of 1 kg per 500-1000 m2.

Active Ingredients

250 g/kg maldison in the form of a water dispersible powder.

Available Sizes

Wettable powder: 100 g

[Limited availability due to product being discontinued].


Can be used safely in combination with many fungicides such as Captan, Thiram, Maneb, Zineb and Organic Copper Oxy.

For control of insect pests on fruit trees and other crops use Kiwicare Carbaryl Insect Control.

For control of sap sucking insects such as whitefly , scale insects, mealybugs and leafhoppers on roses and ornamentals use Insect Hit.


Toxic to bees, spray must not contact plants in flower if they are likely to be visited by bees. Do not mix with Bordeaux mixture or lime sulphur sprays.


HSNO Approval Code: HSR003011

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