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Natural NO Rats

A safer alternative to traditional rodenticides without risk to non-target animals, pets or children.


  • DISCONTINUED - Use NO Rats & Mice products
  • For control of rodents.
  • Non toxic to other animals and people.
  • No secondary poisoning.
  • 100% natural, cereal pallet based.
  • BioGro® Certified Organic.


  1. Approx. 50 g of Natural NO Rats, consumed over several successive days is sufficient to kill a rat.
  2. Place bait where there are signs of rodent activity; fresh droppings, near burrows, runways, feeding places and at points of entry around the perimeter of buildings.
  3. Inspect bait points regularly and replace any eaten bait. Replace baits which have become wet and re-site in a dry location.  Replenish stocks daily until there are no more takes for 48 hours.
  4. Note - If the rats or mice are reluctant to take the Natural NO Rats because they are not yet used to the bait they can be encouraged by mixing the bait with a small amount of peanut butter prior to use.

Active Ingredients

940 g/kg powdered corncob in the form of a pellet.


Available Sizes

Ready to Use Bait: 300 g, 2.5 kg

[Limited availability due to product being discontinued].


  • It is very important that other sources of food for the rodents are removed. Natural NO Rats must be the major source of food for the rodents over a period of several days.
  • Rodents are very shy and prefer to eat in secluded areas. Fill bait stations with 100-200 g of Natural NO Rats. An alternative to bait stations is to place the bait in open ended sections of downpipes, open ended boxes, under sheets of metal/wood secured at an angle against a wall at intervals of 2 m.
  • Natural NO Rats can also be placed directly into rat holes, nesting or feeding areas. Wrap 100 g of product in cling film or plastic grip sealed bags and push down into the burrow – push into burrows with a long stick or similar.
  • Generally rats die within 4-8 days and death is imminent when rat droppings change from black to blond.
  • Pest Control Terms Glossary of Meanings .



Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 V9393.
HSNO Approval Code: HSR000097.
NZFSA Approved Rodenticide Maintenance Compound (non-dairy) Type C

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