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NO Bugs Borafume

Kills all insects present at time of activation.


  • Kills all insects present at time of activation.
  • Quick knock down and easy to use.
  • Excellent for use in hard to reach areas.
  • 20 g fumigator treats up to 200 m³, 100 g fumigator treats up to 1000 m³.
  • Dry clean up and does not stain.


Follow instruction leaflet carefully. Prepare areas to be treated. Remove or cover fish tanks. Close all doors and windows and seal other ventilation. Plan to release fumigator/s and leave treatment area immediately after. Do not re-enter area for a minimum of 3 hours, up to 24 hours. On re-entry open doors and windows and allow to ventilate for 30 mins.

Coverage Work out how many Borafume fumigators are required as follows:

  • Multiply floor area of each room - e.g. 3m x 6m = 18 square meters
  • Multiply floor area by height of room - e.g. 18m2 x 2.6m = 46.8 m³
  • Do the above calculations for each room. Add up each room and total, divide total by 200 to show how many Borafume are needed for the whole area to be treated.
  • Always round up, e.g. if the total is 460 m³ (460 divided by 200 = 2.4) you should use 3 Borafume, not 2.

How to Prepare and Activate the NO Bugs Barafume Fumigator:

  • Prepare the area to be treated by covering or removing food and food utensils. Cover or remove fish. Remove other pets. Close windows and doors leaving your planned exit.
  • Although the Borafume does not produce smoke we advise turning off smoke detectors.
  • Peel off the plastic cover at the top. 
  • Remove the plastic lid/ring.
  • Peel of the seal from the plastic cup.
  • Lift out the fumigator pouch (and leaflet).
  • Add water to cup to the dotted line (approx. 1 cm).
  • Place it in the centre of the area to be treated on a stable surface.
  • Open the foil pouch containing the fumigator can.
  • Place the fumigator can in the water with the red end upward and replace the ring/lid. The fumigator will activate in a minute or two.
  • Retreat from the area closing the door behind you.
  • Leave for 3+ hours.
  • Return and open doors and windows to ventilate for 30 mins.
  • Wipe down food preparation surfaces.

Watch our video on how to use the NO Bugs Borafume fumigator .

Active Ingredients

72 g/kg Cyphenothrin in the form of a vapour

Available Sizes

Fumigator: 20 g, 100 g



HSNO Approval Code: HSR000268.

Adobe Acrobat DocumentNO Bugs Borafume - SDS
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Kiwicare NO Bugs Borafume fumigator SDS (MSDS)

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