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NO Bugs Bug Bomb

Kills all insects present at time of activation.


  • Kills all insects present at time of activation.
  • Quick knock down & easy to use.
  • Excellent for hard to reach areas.
  • Does not stain.
  • Effective up to 150 m³ per can.


Follow can directions carefully. Prepare the area to be treated prior to activation. Remove or cover fish tanks. Remove other animals, fish and birds. Extinguish or turn off ventilation systems, pilot lights and naked flames. Close doors, windows and other ventilation. Set off the Bug Bomb/s and vacate area. Do not re-enter for 3 hours, up to 24 hours. On re-entry open doors and windows to ventilate for 30 mins. For long lasting bug control use in conjunction with the appropriate Kiwicare residual spray such as NO Bugs Super or NO Spiders.

Coverage Work out how many Bug Bomb fumigators are required as follows:

  • Multiply floor area of each room - e.g. 3 m x 6 m = 18m²
  • Multiply floor area by height of room - e.g. 18 m² x 2.6 m = 46.8 m³
  • Do the above calculations for each room. Add up each room and total, divide total by 150 to show how many Bug Bombs are needed for the whole area to be treated.
  • Always round up, e.g. if the total is 400 m³ (400 divided by 150 = 2.7) you should use 3 Bug Bombs, not 2.

Watch our video on how to use the NO Bugs Bug Bomb fumigator .

Active Ingredients

6.3 g/kg Permethrin in the form of an aerosol.

Available Sizes

Ready to Use total release aerosol:120 g


  • NO Bugs Bug Bombs release a vapour not a smoke, but we still recommend turning off smoke alarms during activation.

Pest Control Terms Glossary of Meanings .


  • Flammable aerosol - Do not use near a flame or other source of ignition.
  • Do not use a single bomb in a volume less than 5 m³ (e.g. closet) .


HSNO Approval Code: HSR000287.

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Kiwicare NO Bugs Bug Bomb SDS (MSDS)

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