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NO Wasps Eliminator

NO Wasps Eliminator is a powder insecticide puff pack for quick and effective elimination of wasp nests outdoors.


Kills wasps and destroys nests.

  • Quick and effective.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) carrier improves pick up of the insecticide by wasps to carry into the nest.
  • DE has insecticidal properties in addition to the permethrin active.
  • Ready to use puff pack, for easy application.
  • 60 g treats up to 5-6 nests.
  • Using powder insecticide helps keep wasps calm.


  1. From a safe distance watch the wasps for a few minutes to identify nest entrance. See here for advice on finding wasp nests.
  2. Give the pack a light shake then open the lid.
  3. Apply 5-6 sharp puffs directly at the nest entrance and where the wasps land.
  4. Check again several hours later. If there is still activity, or the powder has become damp, repeat the application.
  5. To avoid being stung by wasps wear a beekeepers veil and gloves.
  6. Apply in the evening when wasps are less active.
  7. Treat all hanging or exposed nests with a swift and thorough dusting.
  8. For wasp nests below concrete, paths, tree stumps etc. apply along all the edges.
  9. The wasps will carry the powder into the nest and this eventually destroys the whole nest.

Adobe Acrobat Document1-2-3 Wasp Control Programme
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1-2-3 Wasp Control Programme

Active Ingredients

24 g/kg Permethrin and 955 g/kg Diatomaceous Earth

Available Sizes

Ready to Use Powder Puffer Pack: 60g (5-6 nests),

Commercial: 1.5 kg (100-150 nests. Available to large scale users e.g. DoC, farmers, bee keepers, commercial operators, etc., to enquire contact Kiwicare directly)


  • Advice on finding wasp nests .
  • Apply when nest entrance is dry and rain is not expected within 2 hours.
  • Wasps are less active in low light; to avoid stings apply powder just before dusk or just after dawn.
  • For nest entrances in eaves of buildings or other high places, give bottle a gentle shake before puffing and apply powder to wall where wasps land to enter the nest.
  • Note: For nests that cannot be accessed easily because they are in eaves or other places with a narrow entrance.

    • The new NO Wasps Eliminator adheres better to surfaces. However, although it puffs upwards well, it can still be difficult to get the powder to the nest entrance.

    • A temporary ad hoc solution for is to use the dip tube from a trigger sprayer e.g. NO Bugs Super 1L RTU or other trigger bottle typically found under a kitchen sink.

    • Clean and dry it, and it will fit neatly into the aperture of the NO Wasps Eliminator puff bottle. Push the dip tube down to the level of the powder. The puffer will now puff the powder upwards easily and the nozzle can easily be inserted into the small holes and gaps that usually constitute the entrance to the nest.



HSNO Approval Code: HSR101044.

Adobe Acrobat DocumentNO Wasps Eliminator SDS
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NO Wasps Eliminator powder insecticide SDS


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