• Sorted Dirt & Grime 2 Litre hose end pack

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SORTED Dirt and Grime

Advanced formulation to clean everyday problems on most outdoor surfaces.


  • Easy to use, simply spray on and rinse off
  • Safe around kids and pets. Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Removes dirt, grime and salt water
  • Safely cleans most outdoor surfaces
  • Covers up to 275 m²


  1. Connect the garden hose.
  2. Turn the spray headto ‘WATER’ and turn the tap on until stream travels about 4m, then turn the spray head to ‘OFF’.
  3. Pointing the hose at the surface to be cleaned turn the Hose End to ‘ON’.
  4. In a sweeping motion cover the area to be cleaned with the solution.
  5. Leave for 2-3 mins. Do not allow to dry.
  6. Turn the spray head to ‘WATER’ and thoroughly rinse off.

Active Ingredients

A mixture of different surfactants plus Chelate agents

Available Sizes

Hose Pack: 2 L


This unique formulation works to penetrate dirt and grime. For tough stuff leave on a little longer before hosing off. If dirt and grime persists then a wipe will usually finish it off.

A great use for Dirt and Grime Sorted is in your vehicle water bottle as a windscreen washer fluid; you will get sparkling, streak free windshields when you use your washer and wipers. Either unscrew the hose end sprayer and add 20 ml per litre of water or just fill up the wash bottle by squirting some directly from the Hose End when set to 'ON'. This can be done while you are washing your car with Dirt and Grime Sorted.

DIY Dirt and Grime Sorted, supplied with its easy to use hose end sprayer which has a control with OFF, WATER and ON (water plus cleaner) settings is ideal for effective, quick and easy cleaning of dog kennels and runs and catteries. Because it has no harmful ingredients it is safe for pets. For cleaning and deodorising of heavier stained kennels, cateries and runs use Sorted Moss and Mould .

Apply to dry surfaces. If using near plants, reduce the risk of harm by wetting them with water before and after use. For quick results on stubborn stains use Sorted Tough Stains . For heavy 'growing' problems like Moss , Mould , Algae and Lichen use Sorted Moss and Mould .

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