• Kiwicare Super Spectrum combination fungicide and insecticide

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Super Spectrum

Insect pest and disease control for roses, ornamentals and fruit crops.


  • Discontinued - Check our Kiwicare's new Plant Health Rose Force and Spectrum .
  • Fast acting, systemic disease control and contact insect pest control.
  • For use on roses, ornamentals and fruits crops.
  • Curative and preventative.
  • No leaf burn or marking.
  • 5 pre measured sachets per pack - each pack makes 25 L of spray.


  1. Mix 1 sachet (20 g) to 5 L of clean water.
  2. Apply as a foliar spray as directed on carton.
  3. Cover leaves on both the upper and lower surfaces as complete coverage is required for effective control.

Active Ingredients

93.75 g/kg Chlorpyrifos, 56.25 g/kg Carbendazim, 400 g/kg Mancozeb in the form of a water dispersible granule.

Available Sizes

Concentrate: 100 g (5 x 20 g sachets)

[Limited availability due to product being discontinued].


Super Spectrum has been dicontinued in 2015. For prevention of disease and insect pests on roses and ornamentals you can use  Spectrum liquid concentrate or Plant Health Rose Force.



  • Toxic to bees, spray must not contact plants in flower if they are likely to be visited by bees.
  • Do not use on vegetables.
  • Wash treated crops before eating.
  • Do not apply to stonefruit within 28 days from harvest. Pipfruit within 14 days.


Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. P3823
HSNO Approval Code: HSR000173

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Kiwicare Super Spectrum SDS (MSDS)

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