• Weed Weapon Rapid Action ready to use 1 litre trigger spray
  • Weed Weapon Rapid Action Pump & Spray
  • Weed Weapon Rapid Action 2L
  • Weed Weapon Rapid Action ready to use 1 litre trigger spray
  • Weed Weapon Rapid Action Pump & Spray
  • Weed Weapon Rapid Action 2L

Our Personal Guarantee

Weed Weapon Rapid Action

Kills a broad range of stubborn weeds to the root, fast!


  • Very fast acting. Guaranteed
  • Kills a broad range of weeds and grasses, to the root.
  • Biodegradable in soil.
  • Rainfast in 2 hours.
  • Safe for children and pets once dry.
  • Designed, tested and manufactured in NZ for NZ conditions.
  • Find out what makes Weed Weapon the best weed killer.
  • Weed Weapon contains two active ingredients of different types. These actives, glyphosate and saflufenacil, work together in what is called a synergistic way; improving the efficacy of both when used together.
    The use of two active ingredients also means that it will control weeds that might be resistant or tolerant of glyphosate alone, and it greatly reduces the risk of development of resistance in weeds.
    Resistance to herbicides through overuse of the same single active ingredient is a concern for farmers, horticulturalists and gardeners. It is good practice to use products that combine actives of different types to prevent resistance developing.
  • Watch our videos on Weed Weapon weed killers.


  1. Shake well.
  2. Turn nozzle to ‘SPRAY’ position.
  3. Spray entire weed until foliage just wet.
  4. Return nozzle to ‘OFF’ position after use.

Watch our video on how to use the Weed Weapon Rapid Action Pump & Spray unit.

Active Ingredients

7.2 g/L Glyphosate and 0.07 g/L Saflufenacil as a ready to use liquid.

Available Sizes

Ready to Use: 1 L, 2 L
Pump & Spray: 4 L


  • Apply this product as directed.
  • For fastest results, spray when weeds are actively growing and in temperatures above 10°c.
  • Perennial weeds sometimes require an additional application.
  • Effects may take longer to show on some tough weeds or weeds in deep shade. In these cases a second application is recommended after 7 days.
  • Wait 5 days before planting in sprayed areas.
  • Do not mow or cultivate after treatment until weeds have died.
  • If a desirable plant is sprayed, immediately hose off with water.
  • Watch our videos on Weed Weapon weed killers .
  • On lawn weeds, use spot treatment as Weed Weapon Rapid Action will kill lawn grasses.
  • For long term control of weeds on paths, driveways and other non-cultivated areas use Weed Weapon Long Term .
  • Glossary of Gardening Terms .


  • Avoid contact with foliage, new bark or near roots of desirable plants. If a desirable plant is accidentally sprayed, rinse off with water.
  • Do not use around fruity vines, avocado trees or sensitive plants.
  • Safe Disposal of Containers and Chemicals


HSNO Approval Code: HSR100722

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Kiwicare Weed Weapon Rapid Action Ready to Use SDS (MSDS)

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