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Testimonial for Gro-Sure Easy Wildflowers

Just wanted to say thanks. The wildflowers have made me smile every day.

LawnPro Lawn Thickener - Before and After

Before and after photos of a lawn treated with LawnPro Lawn Thickener from a recent user of the product (September 2016).

Kiwicare Supports Motutapu

Kiwicare Sponsors and supports the Motutapu Restoration Trust through supply of Weed Weapon Preventer for the prevention of invasive exotic weeds in the 15,000 native plants cultivated and planted each year.

Website Testimonials

Read some of the comments made about this Kiwicare website.

Testimonials for LawnPro Lawnguard

LawnPro Lawnguard is a granular insecticide for control of grass grub, porina caterpillar, ants and other soil dwelling insect pests. Here are some comments from users.

Testimonial for Organic Super Spraying Oil

Roses are now completely aphid free and I've just become a fan of your Super Spraying Oil.

Testimonial for Organic Weedfree Rapid

It's quite amazing! That is what Chris and Helen of Wellington think of Organic Weedfree Rapid herbicide.

Testimonial for NO Cats & Dogs

I hasten to add my complete satisfaction with the product in deterring cat and dogs...

Testimonial for Weed Weapon

A breakthrough in Weed control. Weed Weapon is faster acting weedkiller that controls a broader range of weeds and grasses than traditional weedkillers. Read what people have to say..

Testimonial for Nourish Organic Fertiliser

Nourish is a very popular product in our organic range. With four specifically designed types Citrus, Flower, Vegetable and All Purpose it is hard to find a better source of rich liquid nutrients for your plants. Read what people have to say...

Testimonial for Organic Caterpillar BioControl

As one of our most popular products in our organic range, Organic Caterpillar BioControl is an excellent way to keep those hungry caterpillars off your Fruit and Vegetables. Read what people have to say...