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Testimonials for NO Wasps Eliminator

Testimonials for NO Wasps Eliminator

Testimonial for NO Ants Range

Wow, the results are just incredible. That is what Shanie says after using the Kiwicare NO Ants range of products.

Testimonial for NO Cats & Dogs

I hasten to add my complete satisfaction with the product in deterring cat and dogs

Testimonial for NO Bugs Bug Bomb

Kiwicare NO Bugs Bug Bomb provides easy to use, quick knockdown of pest insects and spiders. Just click down the button and leave it to do the job. Read what people have to say..

Testimonial for NO Spiders

I used your NO Spiders last summer when I moved into my new house and was invaded with spiders. Your product worked a treat and I did not see one after that, ........... I would recommend it to anyone with a spider problem.

Testimonial for NO Ants Ant Sand

I‘ve just bought some of your Ant Sand which is absolutely brilliant.

Testimonial for NO Ants Baits

The result was much better than that when I hired some pest controllers previously.

Testimonial for NO Bed Bugs

No more scratching for me. That is what Adrienne of Auckland says after using NO Bed Bugs Box to get rid of bed bugs.

Testimonial for NO Rats & Mice

From Bait Stations to Tracking Powders, the No Rats & Mice range from Kiwicare has it all to get rid of any unwanted rodents in and around your home, or work place. Read what people have to say..

Testimonial for NO Bugs Super

Our NO Bugs Super range is made in New Zealand for those annoying bugs that invade New Zealand homes and gardens. One of the most popular ranges in the country, you cant go wrong. Read what people have to say..

NO Borer Helps Protect New Zealand's Historic Places

Kiwicare has supplied NO Borer products to many historic places for treatment of timbers during renovations.