Organic Weedfree Rapid

Organic, quick and effective control of a wide range of weeds, clovers and mosses.
Now replaced by Weed Weapon Natural Power.

Benefits Benefits

  • DISCONTINUED: Now replaced by the new, improved Weed Weapon Natural Power
  • Fast acting - results within 3 hours.
  • Inactivate in soil.
  • All natural combination of pine oil and fatty acids.
  • BioGro® Certified Organic for use in organic gardening.

Directions Directions

Ready to Use

  1. Shake well.
  2. Adjust nozzle to ‘SPRAY’ position.
  3. Spray onto weed foliage until just wet.
  4. Return nozzle to ‘OFF’ position after use.


  1. Shake well.
  2. Dilute 100 ml of concentrate in 1.5 L of clean water.
    For mature, tough weeds dilute 100 ml concentrate in 1 L of clean water.
  3. Apply using a pressure sprayer.
  4. Spray entire weed until just wet.

How to mix and dilute spray concentrates video

Active Ingredients Active Ingredients

Ready to Use: 150 g/L pine oils and 55.6 g/L fatty acids (plant derived) as a ready to use spray.
Concentrate: 220 g/L pine oils and 560 g/L fatty acids (plant derived) as an emulsifiable concentrate.

Available Sizes Available Sizes

Ready to Use: 1 L
Concentrate: 500 ml, 1 L, 5 L

Tips Tips

  • Complete coverage is required for effective control.
  • Best results are achieved on warm dry days and on young weeds.
  • Apply in Spring, Summer and Autumn, when growth is vigorous.
  • For difficult weeds repeat at 3 – 5 day intervals for full control.
  • On tough or mature perennial weeds that re-sprout, allow to grow 2-4 leaves or 1/3 height and then re-spray.
  • How to mix and dilute spray concentrates video
  • Organic Weedfree Rapid is a contact weed killer.
  • Glossary of Gardening Terms

Caution Caution

Regulations Regulations

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We have just started using the Kiwicare Organic Weedfree Rapid around our garden - it's quite amazing! We were absolutely stunned at the incredibly quick knock down of the weeds – they were browning within hours. Nothing else we have used previously has been this quick or effective.
We like it as it seems very safe to use compared to other products which are toxic and more commonly used for weed control. We have complete confidence using Weedfree Rapid around our vegetable gardens to get rid of weeds.
Chris and Helen, Wellington
Dead weed
This is a great product. The secret of a good result is to ensure that the leaves are properly saturated and not rush the spray job. After 2 - 3 sprays, the grow back is greatly diminished, meaning spraying less often. I have recommended this product to several farming friends.
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