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Periwinkle is a rapidly growing, perennial, scrambling ground cover weed. It forms rhizomes and long trailing stems that root where they touch the ground. This is a very difficult weed to get rid of.


Periwinkle is a perennial ground cover weed that has fleshy green leaves and stems. It produces 5 petaled purple blue flowers all year round. Periwinkle smothers plants and ground in open or shady conditions. Dense mats cover the ground, smothering and crowding out other plants. 


Apply Weed Weapon Rapid Action ready to use, or Weed Weapon Extra Strength concentrate plus Dye & Stick, all year round. Follow up on re-sprouting areas twice a year.

For long term control on non-cultivated areas use Weed Weapon Long Term.

Cut down periwinkle and immediately apply Weed Weapon Invade Gel to all cut ends to kill root systems effectively.

Small patches can be dug out but ensure all roots are removed as these will re-sprout. Dispose of plant material at a refuse transfer station or burn. Check for regrowth.

Did you know

Periwinkle was one of the Dirty Dozen in New Zealand's War on Weeds .

Periwinkle rarely produces seeds in New Zealand but is easily spread by vegetative reproduction where small pieces will readily root and grow.

The species of periwinkle common in New Zealand are:

Vinca or European periwinkles 

  • Greater periwinkle - Vinca major
  • Lesser periwinkle - Vinca minor
  • Herbaceous periwinkle - Vinca herbacea

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