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New Zealand's War on Weeds

Posted in Garden Advice on August 30, 2015

War on Weeds 

The Department of Conservation and Weedbusters have declared a War on Weeds. This new campaign was launched 27th August 2015 by Conservation Minister Maggie Barry.

“We’re focusing efforts on what we are calling the Dirty Dozen, 13* weeds which are causing particular problems in different parts of the country. They are weeds which everyone will be able to identify and help to remove with minimal equipment.” 

Nursery and Garden Industry Association of New Zealand chief executive Dr John Liddle supported the approach.

"Anything that supports getting rid of weeds within the gardening environment is basically good for the environment."

New Zealand Gardener magazine editor Jo McCarrol was pleased that the Government was giving invasive weeds attention.

"People think of weeds just in the context of their gardens, but of course introduced plants pose a real threat to some of the beautiful natural areas of New Zealand, as well as some of our agricultural economy."

New Zealand has about 2,500 species of native plants, but ten times as many introduced exotic plants. These invasive weeds are devastating for natural habitats.

There are 13 problem weeds that you and your community can join forces to help us bring under control - The  Dirty Dozen (*baker's dozen).

  1. Wilding Conifers
  2. Darwin's Barberry (replaces Lantana)
  3. Woolly Nightshade
  4. Buddleia
  5. Japanese Honeysuckle (replaces Periwinkle)
  6. Climbing Asparagus
  7. Old Man's Beard
  8. Wild Ginger
  9. English Ivy
  10. Wandering Willie/ Tradescantia
  11. Moth Plant
  12. Banana Passionfruit
  13. Spartina

Join Kiwicare in battle and use Weed Weapon in the War on Weeds.

David Brittain

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