Kiwicare Holdings Ltd is New Zealand owned and operated. Kiwicare has offices and distribution centres in Auckland, Christchurch, Melbourne and Brisbane with our main production factory at 225 Maces Road, Bromley, Christchurch.

Kiwicare operates out of purpose built facilities in Christchurch and Auckland which allow us to have complete control over our products from conception, through to when they arrive on retailers' shelves. This ensures that our extremely high level of quality control is maintained.

Kiwicare has a track record of innovation and expertise in the formulation of quality products. The Research and Development Division constantly seeks to find safe solutions to the many home and garden issues in New Zealand and abroad. Kiwicare holds New Zealand and international patents for many products and processes. All Kiwicare products are rigorously tested and go through relevant regulatory registrations.

Many of the company's products benefit the environment by removing environmentally damaging pests and it is the company's policy to promote the protection of the environment and greater natural biodiversity in New Zealand and elsewhere. Kiwicare also have the largest BioGro® Certified Organic Range in New Zealand.

Kiwicare's pest control, garden care and cleaning products are distributed by an experienced network of company representatives calling on major and individual retail outlets, government, landowners and professional operators throughout New Zealand. Our products are available through all good hardware, rural supplies, garden centre and supermarket stores.

Our Vision

The Kiwicare vision is to be recognised as the local experts for superior, safe, easy-to-use home, garden and pest control products that solve people’s problems, enhance lives, improve the environment and add value to homes, workplaces and communities.