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David Brittain - Author and home pest and gardening expert at Kiwicare

David Brittain is Kiwicare's resident pest control and gardening expert. David has worked in pest control and garden care since leaving Queen's University Belfast in 1982, where he studied biology, to join one of the world's largest pest control companies. Later he spent 8 years working with the Northern Ireland Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Veterinary Sciences Division, studying molecular (DNA) strain typing and epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis (Tb) and other veterinary diseases. Later, David began his own pest control and gardening business and worked on several gardens which featured on UK national TV.

When David moved to New Zealand in 2004 his knowledge was useful to the protection of New Zealand's natural habitats through pest control and the prevention of the spread of bovine Tb through possums to deer and cattle. David joined the New Zealand Biosecurity Institute in 2007 and volunteered to be webmaster, a task passed on in 2017.

In 2007 David joined Kiwicare to promote Kiwicare's solutions to problems in the home & garden, and the general New Zealand environment. Since then David has become Technical Support Manager responsible for technical customer service and providing Kiwicare's customers, commercial and home gardeners, with expert advice on the use of Kiwicare's solutions to the problems home owners and gardeners face in New Zealand.

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