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Ruud Kleinpaste on Weed Weapon

Posted in Garden Advice on November 10, 2014

What Ruud Said About Weed Weapon 

Decided to give Weed Weapon Rapid Action a go on my weedy paddock proto-garden, this spring. The place is full of tall grasses, that dreadful mallow, composite weeds and shepherd's purse, plus a range of other weedy mongrels. So I sprayed a few square meters with the hand-gun container it comes in, making sure all foliage got wet.

Then, a metre or so away from that patch, I used my trusty Glyphosate-plus-Freeway-sticker mixed up in exactly the same type of hand-gun container. I sprayed a similar patch of vegetation with the same weeds and grasses, in the same density of spray on the foliage. Just to see....

The next day I returned to see if there was any "movement" in my impromptu trial; Was there ever!

The Kiwicare Weed Weapon patch was showing serious signs of desiccation and the beginnings of yellowing; that horrible mallow was already drooping and giving up the fight! Other weeds were also on the way out.

My trusty Glyphosate-plus-ticker showed no impact at all, as yet (which is not unusual - it often takes 5 days or more to see results!).

Five days later the Weed Weapon had done its deed: everything was dead - the mallow unrecognisable and collapsed. Glyphosate-plus-sticker was now also showing results, but the mallow was still recalcitrant.

Fourteen days later the Glyphosate-plus-sticker had caught up with the Weed Weapon, but some of the weeds were still struggling with some green foliage; the mallow was starting to collapse and some of the clovers were still defiant. Established composites with well-developed rosettes and big tap roots may still come back...  I'll keep monitoring the results; so far so good - Weed Weapon is bloody fast!

- Ruud Kleinpaste

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