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Gro-Sure Easy Flowers - Blooming Easy!

Posted in Garden Advice on September 01, 2017

Easy Flowers Seed, Fertiliser, Mulch All in One 

But how best to achieve loads of colour in your own garden, without spending a fortune on those fiddly tiny seed packets, and what if you have a large area to fill?

Kiwicare has removed the guesswork and the hard work this season with the launch of Gro-Sure Easy Flowers, an easy to use all in one mix in a soft pouch with a handy spout, containing a wide variety of flower seeds, gentle seed starter food and a lightweight expanding mulch. All you have to do is shake the pack, scatter the contents and keep well-watered for months of vibrant colour, right where you need it.

There are three varieties to choose from, depending on the colour result you like - the first variety is a wildflower blend - this beautiful mixture contains favourites like coreopsis, pheasant's eye and nemophila plus around 26 more varieties, which result in a wonderfully random colour result - just as wildflowers should be! The varieties have been selected specifically to attract beneficial insect life to your garden, bees, butterflies and more.

The seeds themselves are of the highest quality, carefully sourced and tailor-made for New Zealand conditions, for successful germination no matter if you live in the North or South.

The bright mix contains alyssum, chrysanthemum, primrose and poppies - and many more, to produce bright reds, pinks, oranges and yellows while the pastel mix will result in a cooler, calmer result - lavenders, soft pinks and whites, for example, come from the blend of calendula, foxglove and baby blue eyes to name but a few.

Gro-Sure Easy Flowers packs come in two different sizes. The 800g packs contain seeds which will grow up to 1.2m high and will look best in flowerbeds and borders. The 300g packs contain lower growing varieties from 10cm to 50cm for containers, pots and hanging baskets, although you can obviously use both sizes in any location.

Gro-Sure Easy Flowers will grow anywhere as long as they are properly taken care of, so feel free to change the rules on where to plant your flowers. Expect flowers all summer long and into Autumn, some varieties will self-seed so they can be enjoyed again next year for free! The key to success is to keep the mixture well-watered, the mulch will expand and turn darker green in colour when it is wet enough. It's a good idea to remove any weeds and stones from the area and lightly rake the surface where you want to scatter the seeds.

Transform your backyard from boring to bright with Gro-Sure Easy Flowers from Kiwicare, the bees and butterflies will thank you.

David Brittain

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