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Ideas For Keeping the Kids Occupied this Easter Weekend

Posted in Garden Advice on April 09, 2020

Some Things You and Your Children Can Do This Long Weekend

This Easter weekend may seem like just another weekend, but here are some ideas for making it more fun for your kids (and yourselves). Keep them busy and interested.

  • In my youth, many many years ago, painting eggs was the thing I remember doing every Easter. Hard boil some eggs and once cool, ask the kids to paint them and share photos with their friends and family.
  • On the theme of eggs, how about competitive creme egg eating? See who can manage to make their creme egg last the longest. Post the longest time (and video).
  • Shout over the fence to your neighbours "How are you?"
  • Go into the garden and look closely:
    • How many different bugs can be found?
    • How many different leaf shapes can be found?
    • Take close-up photos. Many modern phones can take great close up photos. Share the best.
  • Tell the older children that if they dig a big enough hole you will install a swimming pool. My farther told me and my siblings was a lovely flowerbed.
  • Have a picnic in your own garden. This gives you the chance to get the kids to help make the picnic sandwiches and then eat them sitting on a rug on the lawn.
  • Rake up a big pile of autumn leaves and jump in them. Rake them up again and put them on the compost heap.
  • Take a seat and relax with a drink.

David Brittain

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