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What are those Little Yellow Flowers in My Lawn?

Posted in Garden Advice on February 08, 2021

There are several weeds that commonly grow in New Zealand lawns. It can be useful to identify which weed or weeds you have in your lawn so that you can find the best solutions; both the right herbicides and the soil conditions that will get rid of the weed and stop it coming back.

You can use the Kiwicare Problem Solver to identify most of the weeds found in lawns, but there are a variety of low growing* weeds with little yellow flowers that are often difficult to tell apart. This table may help you identify which weed with little yellow flowers you have.

Weed Distinguishing Features Image
Chamomile Leaves feathery.
Flowers round without ray (petals).
Sandwort Leaves grey green downy.
Flowers mostly white with yellow centres.
Mercury Bay (Dichondra) Leaves kidney shaped.
Flowers inconspicuous green yellow.
Stonecrop (Sedum) Leaves small fleshy succulent.
Flowers, six petalled star-like.
Trefoil (Lotus, various species) Leaves trifoliate (in threes).
Flowers pea-like in clusters.
Medick (Medicago, various species) Leaves trifoliate (in threes) with central leaf on a stalk.
Flowers in rounded heads of about 10 flowers.
Suckling Clover (Trifolium, various species) Leaves trifoliate (in threes) finely toothed with central leaf on stalk.
Flowers in rounded heads of 5-20 flowers.
 Suckling Clover2
Oxalis (Various species) Leaves green or purple, trifoliate (in threes), hairy underneath.
Flowers up to 25 mm diameter with five broad petals.
Portulaca Leaves tear drop shaped, fleshy.
Flowers bright yellow buttercup shaped cup.
Buttercup (Ranunculus, various species) Leaves roughly triangular, lobed.
Flowers glossy yellow with five petals in cup shape.
Pansy (Viola, various colours) Leaves medium green rosette of oval leaves.
Flowers cream or yellow often streaked with blue.
Daisy (Bellis perennis) Leaves dark green, spoon shaped.
Flowers white with yellow centre.


*Assuming you mow your lawn; there are many weeds that will grow in lawns and produce little yellow flowers on long stalks and are only seen if not mown.

If you cannot see the weed in this list you can contact us directly with a photo and we hope we can identify it for you.

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