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Easy 1-2-3 Step Guide to Rodent Trapping

Posted in Pest Advice on January 05, 2023

How to use traps to control rat and mice populations

Rodent snap traps are a safe, non-toxic and effective way to control rodent populations. Traps can be used on their own, or in conjunction with rodenticides (bait) to eradicate rats and mice from your property. Traps are a traditional way to catch and kill rats and mice and can be effective if used properly. However, if traps are poorly designed, are not set and baited properly or are set in poor positions, they can be inhumane and ineffective. If the rodent is not killed quickly the trap may cause pain and suffering for hours or days. If the rodent sets off the trap but is not caught it may become trap shy and will avoid traps, making it difficult or impossible to catch.

Understanding rodent behaviour will help you get the best results from your Kiwicare rat traps and mouse traps.


Step 1: Search for evidence of rodents

Search for evidence of rodent activity such as droppings and gnaw marks on pipes, wiring and wood. While doing this keep an eye out for possible entry points. Rats and mice can squeeze through gaps that they can get their head through. This can be as narrow as a pencil. Look around your buildings and seal gaps under doors, around pipes and cables, broken vents, etc. It's best to seal up entry points after an infestation has been eliminated. 

Rats and mice are good climbers and often enter at eaves, so cut vegetation away from the eaves and roof. Climbing plants should be pruned well below building eaves, while overhanging trees should be cut back 2m from your roof.


Step 2: Remove food sources

To make your traps tempting to rodents, you need to restrict their access to other food sources. The more variety they have on offer, the less likely they are to investigate your traps. Do a sweep through of your property and ensure food in kitchens is securely refrigerated or sealed away in containers, animal food (including bird seed) is cleaned up an secured away. Check that fruit on trees and bushes, including fruit not edible to humans like berries that birds eat are cleared away and disposed of. Also make sure that rubbish is securely stored in closed rubbish bins.

Step 3: Trapping rats and mice

Kiwicare has a wide range of traps, rodenticides and bait stations available in the market. Once you’ve finished reading the article you can view our range of rodent control products here.

Need a bit more guidance on getting rid of rats and mice?

Kiwicare’s Easy 1-2-3 Steps to Rodent Control article could be just what you need. It’s filled with useful information on how to identify rodents, their behaviours and on how to make your home and property rodent free.

Our Rodent Control How-to Videos are also jam packed with useful information and visual guides on how to use our rodent control products.

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