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Easy and Effective Control of Flies

Posted in Pest Advice on January 11, 2023

Stop Flies in their Track this Summer

Looking for a professional strength, fast and effective control of multiple flying and crawling insects? NO Flies Super is your answer.

Summer is the season for all kinds of pests from crawling insects such as cockroaches, ants, and spiders to flying insects such as flies and mosquitos.

NO Flies Super comes in 2 varieties – Scented and Odourless. The scented spray is lightly scented with cedar and sage for a much more pleasant alternative to fly spray. And odourless to ensure no more nasty chemical smells when combatting pests. You won’t believe these are fly sprays!

The fast-acting multi-insect spray effectively controls flying and crawling insects. The wide nozzle spray makes it easy to reach fast moving flies

NO Flies Super sprayed surfaces are safe for children and pets when dried but will kill bugs that come into contact. This makes it perfect to use around the home.

How to apply NO Flies Super Scented and Odourless:

Always shake well before use…

  • To kill flying insects: Spray 1-2 short bursts in the direction of the insect.
  • To kill crawling insects: Target insects directly with a short burst of spray from 30-50cm away.
  • For total room treatment: Close all windows and doors, then spray high in the air for 4-5 seconds in a sweeping action. Then exit the room and keep the room closed for 10-15 minutes after spraying.
Some things to look out for
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Do not spray directly onto people, pets, food, or food preparation areas.
  • Remove or over food and food utensils.
  • Cover and remove fish tanks and birds before using.
  • Do not spray or store near fire or flame.
  • Do not smoke in the vicinity during use.
  • Keep away from sources of ignition or high temperature.

NO Flies Super is available at your local New World and selected Pak’nSaves. Get yours today!

Check out the video on YouTube…

Whatever the problem, NO is the answer.

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