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Fight them in the Water and Fight them on the Land

Posted in Pest Advice on September 01, 2018

Biosecurity Pests 

The New Zealand Biosecurity Institute prepared this media release to support the valuable work of all members over the summer.

“Help prevent the spread of pests on land and at sea.”

That’s the message of key biosecurity sector interest group, the New Zealand Biosecurity Institute.

The Institute is the membership organisation for anyone involved in protecting NZ from invasive species.

Its members work for any government, or private organisation or club with an interest in biosecurity.

The Institute is asking all New Zealanders to help its members prevent the spread of unwanted animals, plants and diseases this holiday season.

President Darion Embling said the work of his members will be helped if people take a few simple steps to make sure they and their outdoor equipment are free of unwanted pests.

“Our main request is that people check and clean their gear before leaving and returning from the outdoors this summer.”

He said this includes coastal waterways as well in order to prevent certain marine pests from moving and becoming established in other parts of the coast.

“There have been significant achievements in preventing the spread of marine pests this year.

“Local and central government and private organisations have worked well together this year to establish agreements to prevent the spread of marine pests.

“Holiday time is when achievements so far will be most at risk.”

Mr Embling said notable agreements have been established in the cherished coastal areas at the top of the South and North Islands and in Fiordland.

The Institute has a few basic “please do’s” for people this summer:

  • check, clean, and dry all equipment that has been in contact with waterways
  • clean boots and outdoor equipment thoroughly and check for seeds, and dirt that could contain invisible threats
  • dispose of garden waste or aquarium contents in the compost or at an appropriate waste management site to prevent the spread of weeds into the wild.
  • desex pets given as presents, and prevent them from roaming

Mr Embling said every year Institute members spend hundreds of hours controlling or managing the risks to the economy and the environment of the effects of introduced pests.

"This is work which costs the country hundreds of millions of dollars each year through control, research and border control budgets. This money is coming out of all New Zealanders' pockets," he said.

David Brittain

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