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Is This the Biggest Spider in the World?

Posted in Pest Advice on December 01, 2018

Biggest Spider? 

Is this the biggest spider in the world? It stretches from Melbourne to Victoria!

OK, it is maybe only that big on paper. But as you can see from the ‘brave’ person’s finger it is still a sizable spider; over 100 mm from leg tip to leg tip. It is a Huntsman spider and some of you might notice that it is the underside of the spider you can see. This is because it is under a sheet of glass that is protecting the map at a tourist information site in South Australia. So, the finger was safe. These spiders are present in New Zealand but are not common.

These spiders are usually very timid and hide away in dark places or only come out at night, so this was a ‘lucky’ find.

David Brittain

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