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Testimonial for NO Ants Range

Posted in Pest Advice on January 20, 2015

NO Ants 

Good morning

Well I hardly know where to start. We have been plagued, and I mean, totally plagued with ants around the outside of the house and trails on the house (nothing inside, except dropping dead through the down lights) for the last 4-5 years. We live on a lifestyle block on the outskirts of Hamilton, moved here in 2002. We never had an issue with ants till 2010, just when we had major trails on the house.

Initially we just used fly spray but that only destroyed the ants affected by the spray. We would use 1 large can of fly spray every 2 days trying to kills the ants around the outside of the house. This became rather costly so we called in a pest control firm who bombed the ceiling cavity. They also sprayed the outside of the house and laid ant sand. Well this was a major expense and it was only a couple of weeks and ants reappeared on the house. This firm came back and just sprayed the outside of the house where the ants reappeared - again no real satisfaction.

We continued to resort to fly spray once again but it made no difference and felt quite disillusioned. We tried Kiwi Care Ant baits but no real eradication, so gave up on that.
Then we tried a local pest eradicator who sprayed the outside of the house. This was pretty good, although they did have to come back and spray one spot again after a few weeks. Overall quite a good response inspite of it being another costly exercise.

Then we continued with fly spray, thinking, well we are reducing a few ants but with the continual spraying we must be eradicating the nests but this became quite a chore and also costly.

Then last November/December I thought to try Kiwi Care products again. I phoned up and spoke to a gentleman who explained the ant eradication products and what to do etc very thoroughly. We washed the whole outside of the house, sprayed the outside of the house, including doorways, around windows etc with Kiwi Care product. We put 4 bombs in the ceiling, used some ant sand and the tube of ant gel. Well for the first time since the problem this is the first time we feel we have got on top of the ants. The man I spoke with from your office, said to use the ant baits (plastic containers) but to be honest, we just squirt some of the ant gel (from the large yellow tube) on either a leaf or a bit of mulch in the garden and in a short space of time, the ants are feeding.

Wow, the results are just incredible. Going around the outside of the house, in certain places, there are little spots where it looks like black soot, but on close inspection it is piles of dead ants. We have never seen this with previous methods of getting rid of the ants. Goes to show just how bad the problem was. In fact the inside of our garage along one of the skirting boards and say to about 12 inches out from the wall, it has just been speckled with dead ants! Sweep it up and the next day, it has to be done again. This has been going for the last 3 days now although we sprayed the house just after Christmas.

Guess this gives you an idea of how bad the problem has been. In fact one of the lights in the en-suite stopped working, Pete took the light bulb out and dead ants fell down.

I guess when we used Kiwi Care ant gel a couple of years ago, we only had say 6 of those plastic containers with the gel and obviously it was no where enough to even touch the ant problem we have here. We still have to put the gel out, like I said on a dead leaf or a bit of mulch - along one sunny window area of the house we may have around 8 - 10 spots of ant gel. Unfortunately we do find that after 24 hours or so, it seems to dry and doesn't become as attractive to the ants so we have to put fresh gel down. But since we have done this we have no ant trails on the house and the numbers in the garden are certainly diminishing.

I would just like to say that we are just so happy with the response we have got from your product. This is certainly no fabricated story, we have been absolutely plagued with the ants and so thrilled to have had such wonderful success in the eradication of them. It is so easy to complain when things don't work to ones satisfaction, and often compliments are not given when they are due. Felt that I just wanted to share a success story and how pleased we are with your product and of the incredible response we have had.

Yours sincerely

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