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Pest Problem of the Month

Posted in Pest Advice on October 01, 2020

October 2020


Following the warmest winter on record and recent warm dry weather, a large increase in ant activity across New Zealand from Christchurch north. Ants are often only regarded as a pest when they enter our buildings. But they are most likely to have their nests outdoors in warm dry places like under pavers.

We recommend following the 1-2-3 Ant Control programme.

  1. Intensively bait with NO Ants Nest Killer Gel Bait or NO Ants Liquid Bait for 1-2 weeks; place many small amounts of bait where ants are seen or have been seen, but out of the reach of children and pets.
  2. Then keep ants out by spraying a ring of NO Ants Barrier Spray around the exterior and interior of the building to be protected.
  3. Search for ant nests; follow trails back to nests, look for them entering cracks between pavers, sides of driveways, lawns etc. Treat by sprinkling NO Ants Ant Sand in and around the nest entrances to destroy the nest without causing the ants to move somewhere else.

Also, ants farm sap-sucking insects such as aphids, mealybugs and scale insects. Look for trails of ants going up and down trees and shrubs. Get rid of the sap-sucking insects that would provide honeydew to the ants and but a barrier around the trees or shrubs using NO Ants Barrier Spray or LawnPro Protect Granules.

David Brittain

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