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NO Rats & Mice Bait Blocks

Posted in Predator Free 2050 on April 13, 2022

NO Rats & Mice Weatherproof Bait Blocks are for control of both rats and mice. They contain a first generation anti-coagulant toxin which is of lower risk to non-target animals.


  • Weatherproof rodenticide blocks suiatable for damp areas
  • Highly palatable to rodents for more effective control
  • Low eco-toxicity
  • Reduced risk to pests or scavenging animals


  1. Place bait blocks in dry, sheltered and secluded places where rats and mice have been feeding or travelling, preferably where rodents can eat without being disturbed and non-target animals cannot access the bait. A covered bait station is a great option. E.g. Kiwicare NO Mice Bait Stations or NO Rats Bait Stations.
  2. Follow these simple steps to bait your station:
Rat Bait Station:
  • Remove key from slot on side of station
  • Place key in keyhole and turn 45 degrees - note that there is an arrow on the key that will line up with the arrow on the box when the box is unlocked
  • Place bait blocks in a plastic bag and fix on the rod inside the stations (this is important so rats and mice don’t carry the bait away). Blocks are best located in the wells on either side of the station.
  • Close the station, ensuring the lid is locked in place
  • Inspect bait at least every 7 days
  • Replace bait as necessary - it may take up to 2 weeks to control a significant rat problem
Mice Bait Station:
  • Using the key, place the two points in holes in the front of the station and push to unlock the lid
  • Place bait block flat in one or both corner bait holder sections of the station
  • Close the lid and press down, ensuring the lid locks down
  • Inspect bait at least every 7 days
  • Replace baits as necessary - it may take up to 2 weeks to control a significant mice problem

Ensure children, pets and other non-target animals are not harmed by access to toxic baits or traps. For safety, traps and toxic baits must only be placed where children, pets and non-target animals cannot access them, both in storage and in use. Read the instructions fully for safe use.

3   Check bait daily and continue to top up until control has been achieved.

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