NO Rats & Mice Bait Blocks

Highly effective, indoor and outdoor control of rats and mice.

Benefits Benefits

  • Indoor and outdoor rodent control.
  • Weatherproof rodenticide for damp areas.
  • Highly palatable to rodents for more effective control.
  • Low eco-toxicity.
  • Reduced risk to pests or scavenging animals.

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Directions Directions

  1. Place bait blocks in dry, sheltered and secluded areas where rats and mice have been feeding or travelling, preferably where rodents can eat without being disturbed.
  2. A covered bait station is a great option. E.g. Kiwicare NO Mice One Feed Bait Stations or NO Rats One Feed Bait Stations.
  3. Check bait daily and continue to top up until control has been achieved.

Active Ingredients Active Ingredients

0.5 g/kg Coumatetralyl in the form of bait.
ANTIDOTE - Vitamin K.

Available Sizes Available Sizes

Pack: 160 g (4 blocks), 480 g (12 blocks), 1 kg (~25 blocks)

Tips Tips

To protect children, pets and non-target animals and for protection of bait from moisture and contamination use bait stations such as Kiwicare NO Mice One Feed Bait Stations or NO Rats One Feed Bait Stations.

A DIY Bait Station can be made from a 600 mm piece of downpipe. It will protect rodenticide bait from weather and non-target animals. Bait in a plastic bag can be fixed in place in the middle of the station using a wire through the centre of the pipe.

Coumatetralyl is a first generation anti-coagulant rodenticide (FGAR) bait and as such is slower acting and requires more bait to be consumed by rodents for control and is less of a risk to non-target animals than second generation baits (SGARs). It is still important to ensure baits are placed where non-target animals are not able to access the bait.

For larger or more difficult rodent infestations use NO Rats & Mice One Feed bait.

Caution Caution

Regulations Regulations

Registered Pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997 No. V2970.
NZFSA Approved Rodenticide Maintenance Compound (non-dairy) Type C
HSNO Approval Code: HSR001605.
NO Rats & Mice Bait Blocks - SDS

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I recently used your NO Rats & Mice in my garden shed as I had seen evidence of rats. I laid two blocks on a shelf then left the closed box on a higher shelf. When I checked a couple of days later, I couldn't find any evidence of the bait OR the box with what was left in it.After a brief search I found the box had been knocked off the shelf , chewed through and the rest of the bait had gone! Some thing likes your product! I had to laugh, please see attached photo. No new evidence of rats now!
Colin, Waikato
I had a nice surprise earlier this month. Two years ago I emailed the Kiwicare company, who market the NO Range of pest and weed control products. I contacted them because I had a rodent problem. I don’t want to go into it, I’ve banned the experience to the recesses of my mind and you don’t want to go there. But Kiwicare were really helpful. Friendly, chatty, quick responses by email with information and support."
The saga of Gerald (the rat) did indeed have a happy ending for Kiwicare, not so for my linen or Gerald. After munching through the bait blocks and another 100g quantity of NO Rats or Mice, we noticed a distinct lack of new “sign” anywhere in the house
Two years later and just a few weeks ago I received another email from the National Sales Manager, who had been cleaning out his inbox and thought he’d just get in touch to see how the story ended. That was nice enough. In addition however he offered me the choice of a free product from their range which he would post to me as a gesture of thanks for using their products.
Wow. I was pleased with their customer service at the beginning. To be contacted two years later is impressive. To be offered a freebie has converted me to a loyal customer who will buy their brand above others next time. And I’ve told heaps of my friends about the experience.
Take a bow Kiwicare.
Ella, Hawera
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