Citrus Tree Borer

Citrus tree or lemon tree borer are beetles whose larvae bore into living tree trunks and branches of citrus trees and many other garden trees and shrubs.

Identify the problem Identify the problem

The citrus or lemon tree borer will damage not only citrus trees but trees of many types. The adults lay eggs in damaged or cut areas of the tree bark and when the eggs hatch they bore into the living wood damaging it. They will open holes to the outside world to get rid of their frass (waste products). Damage caused by lemon tree borer can eventually kill the tree.


To get rid of citrus tree borer follow these steps:

  • Prune away all badly affected limbs.
  • Clear leaf litter and dead branches away from under trees.
  • Lemon or citrus tree borer open holes through the bark of trunks and branches to get rid of their waste and it is through these holes that NO Borer Injector fluid can be injected to kill the larvae and prevent adults laying viable eggs in the holes.

Did You Know Did You Know

  • Lemon tree borer are native New Zealand borer beetles. They attack many species of tree.
  • The scientific name of Lemon tree borer is - Oemona hirta.

Tips Tips

Prune of dead and very badly affected limbs of trees. After killing the borer larvae in their holes you can also protect from egg laying adults by filling the hole with Blu-Tack or similar inert filler.

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NO Borer Spray Injector

NO Borer Spray Injector

Flight hole treatment to kill borer and prevent re-infestation.


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