Liverworts are flat green plants with no stem and a simple thallus (flat leaf-like structure) they are like a flattened moss. They often grow on paths and on shaded damp areas of lawn.

Identify the problem Identify the problem

Liverworts are related to mosses but have flattened leaf-like appearance. They can be unsightly on paths and driveways or other hard surfaces and can invade and displace grasses in lawns where light is poor and the soil has poor drainage.


It is important to address the causes of your problem to prevent liverwort regrowth:

  1. Cut back any plants shading the affected area.
  2. Improve drainage in the area, this can be done by aerating soil with a spike or fork.
  3. If possible, keep off lawn when wet to prevent soil compaction.
  4. Liverwort growth can be a sign of poor nutrient levels in the soil and high acidity.

In Lawns

  1. Cut the lawn one day before treatment then spray with LawnPro Mossclear. Best to apply in Autumn or early winter before moss becomes to established and dense, though the product can be used throughout the year.
  2. Once sprayed, avoid cutting your lawn for as long as possible to allow the product to take effect.
  3. When moss has died, rake out of lawn and reseed lawn if necessary.
  4. In Spring or early Summer use LawnPro 7-Day-Green on the lawn to promote grass growth. Test the soil to check acidity; add lime to increase the pH if the test shows it to be below 6.0.

On Hard Surfaces

  1. For use on hard surfaces, apply SORTED Moss & Mould as directed. This powerful targeted formulation kills damaging moss, mould, algae and lichen and it goes on to protect the surfaces all season long.Best to apply in Autumn or early winter before moss becomes to established and dense, though the product can be used throughout the year.
  2. Alternatively use Kiwicare LawnPro Mossclear. Avoid use on light coloured surfaces as it may leave a brown stain.
  3. Once the moss has blackened it can be scraped off.

Did You Know Did You Know

  • Liverworts are an ancient line of plants, possessing neither true leaves nor stems. They are closely related to mosses.
  • Liverworts or hepatics are Marchantiophyta a division of bryophyte plants.

Tips Tips

Weed Weapon Rapid Action and Weed Weapon Rapid Action will kill weeds and control moss and liverwort.

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Weed Weapon Rapid Action

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