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NO Ants Nest Killer Gel Bait

Home Pest Problems , Pest Products
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For control of ant numbers and nests.

This also helps with...

Blue Pony Ants

Blue pony ants are large ants commonly found in northern parts of New Zealand.

Southern Ants

The Southern ant may be the most common native ant in New Zealand. It is found all parts of the country and in m…


Ants are social insects that can be a considerable nuisance when they enter the home or vehicle, as they can be …

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From our customers...

"I would just like to say that we are just so happy with the response we have got from your product. This is certainly no fabricated story, we have been absolutely plagued with the ants and so thrilled to have had such wonderful success in the eradication of them. It is so easy to complain when things don't work to ones satisfaction, and often compliments are not given when they are due. Felt that I just wanted to share a success story and how pleased we are with your product and of the incredible response we have had."


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