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Growing a Lawn in a Shaded Area

Posted in Garden Advice on May 04, 2021

Many lawns have areas that are shaded by structures or overhanging trees and shrubs. It can be more difficult to keep the lawn healthy in these areas, not only due to the lack of light; the soil may lack nutrients that are being used by the trees and shrubs, and the area may get less water both because overhanging trees or structures prevent rain reaching the lawn, or the tree roots suck up the water in the soil.

The usual result of this competition for light, nutrients and water is sparse lawn grass, moss growth and weeds such as Hydrocotyle.

Tips on Growing Lawn in Shaded Areas

  • Sow or re-sow the area with a shade tolerant lawn seed mix.
  • Remove overhanging branches and thin out shrubs to allow more light to reach the shaded areas.
  • Do not cut the lawn below 35 mm as the extra leaf area will help the grass photosynthesise.
  • Raise the soil pH by adding lime and increase nutrient levels with a lawn fertiliser.
  • Apply LawnPro Mossclear and LawnPro Prickle and Hydrocotyle or LawnPro All-in-1 to control moss and weeds.
  • If the lawn needs irrigation in dry periods do this in the morning and thoroughly soak the lawn, and do not water more than 2-3 times a week, even in very dry conditions. Water early, deep and infrequently.
  • Apply wetting agent to the soil in drier months.
  • Fork or use a lawn corer to improve drainage and aeration in the shaded area.

These tips will allow you to have healthy green grass, even in shaded parts of your lawn.

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