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Should You Fertilise Your Lawn in Winter?

Posted in Garden Advice on May 22, 2018

Lawn Winter Fertiliser 

Fertilising your lawn over winter keeps it strong and green.

Warmer Parts of NZ

In warmer parts of New Zealand lawn grass does not go into full 'hibernation' and will continue to grow, if at a slower rate. A good guide to your lawn growth is to ask yourself;  'do I still have to mow the lawn?'. If you do, it will benefit from the application of lawn fertiliser.

Your winter lawn fertilising programme should begin one month before winter really begins. So May is the month to apply the first application of fertiliser, this allows the lawn to take in all the nutrients it needs to strengthen itself before the coldest weather. Then apply a second and last winter application of fertiliser late in July.

Cooler Parts of NZ

In areas that are subject to heavy frost or snow in winter an application of fertiliser in mid to late autumn will strengthen the lawn for winter and prepare it to grow strong and healthily come spring. But the lawn grass is not going to be able to make use of fertiliser applied in the coldest months when the grass is not growing.

David Brittain

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