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Will Leftover Lawn and Flower Seeds Grow Next Year?

Posted in Garden Advice on May 31, 2018

Seed Shelf-Life 

Do you have some leftover LawnPro lawn seed (Smart Seed, Patch Mix, or Lawn Thickener) or Gro-Sure flower seeds (Easy Wildflower or Easy Flowers mix)?

Do you wonder whether you should through them out or will they be good to sow next growing season?

The answer is that you should keep them and they are likely to be good next year. Store them in a cool dry place; Gro-Sure and LawnPro products are supplied in superior packaging that protects seeds from moisture.

You can test the viability of seeds before going to use them. In early spring, check viability with this test:

  • Place 20 seeds between two sheets of moist paper towels and put the towels in a plastic bag.
  • Loosely close the bag and place it in a warm (not hot) area.
  • Check for germination after 10 days.
  • If fewer than 10 seeds (about 50%) germinated you might consider buying new seed but you can still use this seed and get the benefit of the fertiliser, conditioner and other ingredients in the LawnPro and Gro-Sure products.

Don't through them away. Keep growing.

David Brittain

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