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4 Benefits of Rodent Bait Stations

Posted in Pest Advice on May 27, 2019

Kiwicare recommends the use of bait stations when using poison baits for rats and mice. 

There are several good reasons for using bait stations:

  1. Keep children and pets safe - Lockable bait stations such as the NO Rats One Feed Bait Station and the NO Mice One Feed Bait Station exclude non-target animals and children, preventing access to the bait and keeping them safe.
  2. Make rodenticides more effective - Rodents feel safe and comfortable in the enclosed spaces provided by bait stations, so they will spend more time feeding on the bait.
  3. Make bait last longer - Bait stations protect the bait from weather and detritus that would reduce the palatability (tastiness) of the bait. So, the bait remains attractive to rodents and more effective for longer.
  4. Stay within the law - Many rodenticides are required by regulations to be used in a bait station. The NO Rats One Feed Bait Station and the NO Mice One Feed Bait Stations have been designed for the purpose, however, the definition of a bait station is:
    A rigid, reusable device or container designed or adapted to physically contain baits in such a way as to allow unrestricted access by target pests while preventing or minimising spillage of bait and access of off-target species. Also, to protect baits from the elements and extend their usable life.

This definition allows places such as roof voids to be considered a bait station where non-target animals are excluded, and it protects bait from the elements.

David Brittain

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