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Waxed Block Rodenticides

Posted in Pest Advice on September 08, 2016

Rodenticide Bait Blocks 

NO Rats & Mice One Feed Blocks have a number of features that make them superior to other bait blocks, waxed or otherwise.

  • NO Rats & Mice One Feed Blocks are ready-for-use and formulated using high-quality culinary grade wheat flour, blended with chopped wheat, other cereals and proteins which are bound together by edible waxes.
  • The addition of other food-grade materials improves palatability compared to other extruded or cast blocks ensuring excellent bait ‘take’.
  • The edible waxes contain the active ingredient, not just the cereals.
  • The incorporation of bio-stats inhibits the growth of both fungi and bacteria should the block be exposed to damp/humid conditions.
  • The formulation also contains an aroma, giving a unique chocolatey smell.
  • The blocks are manufactured by a hot casting process ensuring the wax and other components are intimately mixed together.

David Brittain

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