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How to Get Rid of a Wasp Nest in the Eaves

Posted in Pest Advice on March 22, 2017

Wasps in the Eaves 

Wasps often nest in the eaves of homes and other buildings. Learn how best to destroy the nest.

Application of NO Wasps Eliminator can safely and quickly get rid of wasps and wasp nests. NO Wasps Eliminator is a powder insecticide formulated to be easily picked up by wasps at the entrance of their nest, carried into the nest where it kills the colony. NO Wasps Eliminator powder helps keep wasp calm during treatment but it is still recommended to apply in the evening or early morning when wasp activity is low.

The NO Wasps Eliminator powder is made with a light diatomaceous earth which is easily puffed from the puff bottle, however, when wasps are nesting in awkward places such as under the tiles at the eaves of a roof, or on the soffit under the eaves, puffing upwards or into the small gap under tiles can be problematic. A 'trick' for getting the powder into the nest entrance in these cases is to use the dip tube from a trigger sprayer e.g. NO Bugs Super 1L RTU or other trigger bottle typically found under a kitchen sink. Clean and dry it, and it will fit neatly into the aperture of the NO Wasps Eliminator puff bottle. Push the dip tube down to the level of the powder. The puffer will now puff the powder upwards easily and the nozzle can easily be inserted into the small holes and gaps that usually constitute the entrance to the nest.


David Brittain

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