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NO Wasps Eliminator

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NO Wasps Eliminator is a powder insecticide puff pack for quick and effective elimination of wasp nests outdoors.

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From our customers...

"I noticed a wasp nest entrance under the apex of the terracotta tiles of what we call the garden shed. It was very active and high up. I watched it for several nights and noticed that it was totally quiet just as the light was fading. The problem was access. I looked around at what I had and finally produced a perfect gadget that delivered a precise amount of wasp eliminator into the hole while standing 2 M away. I tested it using talcum powder in another part of the garden. Last night on dusk fired about 10gms right into hole. This morning not a single wasp in sight, and a trace of powder round the entrance A totally clean way of doing the job with reduced risk. Thanks for your brilliant product."


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