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How to identify rodent chew marks

Posted in Pest Advice on January 25, 2023

Identifying rodent chew marks

It's hard to deal with a rodent problem if you don't know which type of rodent you're dealing with. Whether it's rats, mice, hedgehogs or possums, chew marks are often the best way to identify rodents that are active at night when humans aren't around. 

Rodents teeth and bite marks are unique to their species. By placing rodent detector cards out in your environment and then comparing them to known bite patterns you can identify which type of predator you're dealing with. Once the rodent type has been identified you can then put an appropriate programme in place to deal with your rodent problem.

The team at Landcare Research have created a simple guide on how to place rodent detector cards and then identify the culprit behind the chew marks. You can view their guide here


Once you've identified the rodents that you're dealing with use of our easy 1-2-3 Step Rodent Control Programme to get on top of the issue. It's filled with useful tips and advice to help you get the best possible results. 


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