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Treating Wood for Borer Doesn’t Stink Any More

Posted in Pest Advice on February 28, 2018

NO Smell Borer Treatment 

In New Zealand, the ‘traditional’ way to protect your home from the damage caused by wood-boring insects was to apply diesel, kerosene or turps to the wood, ideally, with NO Borer permethrin insecticide added to give longer-term protection. This was an effective treatment, but diesel, kerosene and turpentine have strong odours and in confined spaces such as sub-floors and roof voids were unpleasant to work with. Wood treated with diesel may continue to smell for several years.

The benefit of using these solvents was that they penetrate deep into the wood. But now new chemistry in Kiwicare NO Borer Total Wood Protection gives similar penetration when mixed with water. This means that you get the same long-term protection of the wood without the strong odour of the solvents or the risks of flammability and vapours in confined spaces.

NO Borer Total Wood Protection contains oils and penetrants that carry the permethrin insecticide deep into the wood where it kills borer larvae within and goes on protecting from new infestation for many years.

For those ‘traditionalists’, and where smells are not a concern, NO Borer Wood Protection can still be diluted in the diesel, kerosene or turps solvents.

Treating the timber with NO Borer fluids can be carried out at any time of the year. Fumigation with NO Bugs Super Fumigators or NO Bugs Super Bug Bombs is effective against adult borer beetles during the 'flight season' October to March.

David Brittain

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