NO Rats & Mice One Feed Blocks

One feed is all they need.

Benefits Benefits

  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • No stronger rodenticide available.
  • One feed is a lethal dose to rats and mice.
  • Formulated to withstand moisture, damp and heat.
  • Edible waxes.
  • Hole for fixing rodenticide in place.
  • Octagonal shape gives rodents edges to get their teeth into.
  • Contains non-target species deterrent
  • Now also available supplied in prefilled Bait Stations:
  • Note: Unlike other waxed block baits the active ingredient is throughout the block including the edible waxes.

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Directions Directions

Baiting Strategy:

  • Eliminate as many alternative food sources as possible.
  • Human odours may deter rodents; wear gloves when handling bait.
  • Place baits under cover, along walls or rafters and in dark sheltered areas where there are signs of rodent activity.
  • For mice — use single bait blocks 5 m apart, or 2 m apart for high infestations.
  • For rats — use 1 to 3 blocks 10 m apart, or 5 m apart for high infestations.
  • Inspect baits at least every 7 days.
  • For effective control continue to replace eaten bait until feeding ceases. Once rodent activity has ceased ensure untaken baits are removed and safely disposed of.
  • NOTE: One Feed is sufficient to kill a rat or mouse but they will continue to eat bait.
  • It may take up to 2 weeks to control a significant rodent problem.
  • See also the NO Rats One Feed Bait Station and NO Mice One Feed Bait Station.

Active Ingredients Active Ingredients

0.05 g/kg Brodifacoum and 0.01 g/kg human bittering agent Denatonium Benzoate in the form of a bait.
ANTIDOTE - Vitamin K.

Available Sizes Available Sizes

Tips Tips

A DIY Bait Station can be made from a 600 mm piece of downpipe. It will protect rodenticide bait from weather and non-target animals. Bait can be fixed in place in the middle of the station using a wire through the centre of the pipe. Then make sure the pipe is placed securely where rodents will travel; usually against and wall, fence or other vertical surface.

See also the NO Rats One Feed Bait Station and NO Mice One Feed Bait Station.

Brodifacoum is a second generation anti-coagulant rodenticide (SGAR) bait and as such is faster acting and requires less bait to be consumed by rodents for control. It also makes it important to ensure baits are placed where non-target animals are not able to access the bait.

Caution Caution

Regulations Regulations

Approved Maintenance Compound (Non-Dairy) - Type C.
Registered pursuant to the ACVM Act 1997, No. V9601.
HSNO Approval Number: HSR001594
NO Rats & Mice One Feed Blocks SDS

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NO Rats and Mice One Feed Eaten
Attn: KIWICARE Customer Service

To Whom It May Concern,

As a regular consumer of your products, I would like to take this opportunity to provide feedback based on recent experience…

Living on the edge of a Wildlife Management Reserve, multiple generations of my family have long supported your brand, having utilised close to $200 in Pest Control product in 2018 alone.

Generally this has been without incident, however the latest purchase of Professional Strength No Rats & Mice Feed Blocks from Mitre10 Mega was found to be a rather disappointing one.

Normally on purchase, the product in question is conveniently distributed for easy access, namely the garden shed and under the hen house in the chicken coop. In this particular instance we were forced to access it in its original, unopened packaging immediately on the eve of purchase.

As you can see from the supporting evidence, this required some effort on our part to gain access to the product on this occasion. This was overall a rather exhausting endeavour and in fact several members of my family had to head home for a lie down afterwards.

In this age of equality, we would ask that KIWICARE looked in to options to remedy this and make its products increasingly more accessible for its target consumers.
On behalf of myself and my extended family, we thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter.

Wishing you all the best for the festive season.

Yours sincerely,
Mr Rattus Norvegicus
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