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Predator Free NZ Update - September 2022

Posted in Predator Free 2050 on September 27, 2022

Well done New Zealand – You’ve done us proud! Thanks to the support of consumers, Kiwicare were able to raise over $5,000 which will be donated right into the hands of Predator Free NZ in September 2022.

In early 2022 Kiwicare launched an innovative new Predator Free Kit filled with everything Kiwis needed to start their predator free journey and help make New Zealand rodent free. The Kit included educational leaflets, bait stations and traps as well as rodent detector cards and Manuka tree seeds. Profits from the sales of these kits were donated to Predator Free NZ to help them continue the innovative work they’re doing to save our native birds.

Soon, Kiwicare will be meeting with Predator Free NZ to learn how this donation and donations from people like you, will be used to contribute to a Predator-Free NZ resulting in a safer land for our precious native species.

The songs of native birds are one of the most iconic aspects of New Zealand nature, so let’s work together to preserve the song for generations to come.

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