Bacterial Blast - Canker

Bacterial blast is also known as gummosis and bacterial canker. It can seriously damage and kill fruit trees such as plum, apricot, cherry, peach and nectarine.

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Most obvious in spring, the symptoms of bacterial blast include dieback, oozing amber gum that has a sweet smell, browning blossoms and dark spots on leaves.


Prevention is the best way to control bacterial blast:

  • Only prune trees during dry weather.
  • Seal pruning wounds with pruning sealer.
  • Prune to keep good airflow through trees.
  • Disinfect pruning equipment with dilute bleach or meths between trees and pruning.
  • Carry out a Winter Spray Program.

If your trees are showing symptoms of bacterial blast:

  • Prune out all affected limbs at least 10 cm below obvious signs.
  • Apply a copper based fungicide.

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