Organic Super Spraying Oil

Horticultural oil protects your plants from a range of insect pests, mites and diseases.

Benefits Benefits

  • A natural alternative to control a wide range of insect pests and diseases.
  • For use on roses, fruit trees, citrus and ornamentals.
  • No withholding period.
  • BioGro® Certified Organic horticultural oil for use in organic gardening (concentrate).
  • Controls sap sucking insects that spread diseases.

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Directions Directions


  1. Dilute the following:
    • Apples, pears and stonefruit, (winter) 40 ml or (summer) 20 ml per 1 L of clean water.
    • Citrus, ornamentals and roses, (winter) 20 ml or (summer) 10 ml per 1 L of clean water.
  2. Spray foliage until run off occurs.
  3. Cover leaves on both the upper and lower surfaces as complete coverage is required for effective control.
  4. Best applied in the evening.

Active Ingredients Active Ingredients

Concentrate: 843 g/L mineral oil. Minimum unsulphonated residue content is 92%.
Ready to Use: 17.5 g/L mineral oil. Minimum unsulphonated residue content is 92%.

Available Sizes Available Sizes

Concentrate: 250 ml

Ready to Use: 1 L

Tips Tips

Caution Caution

  • Do not apply to delicate plants such as tomatoes, herbs, succulents etc.
  • Do not use within 10 days of applying products containing sulphur, captan, carbaryl, dodine and methidathion. Do not apply to sensitive apple varieties such as Cox's Orange Pippin later than early green tip.
  • Application to citrus fruit, particularly lemons, may result in leaf and fruit drop under certain conditions.
  • Do not spray in the middle of the day, in strong sunlight or hot weather.
  • Avoid applying in damp conditions or when rain is expected within 3 hours. In winter apply before buds open.
  • Wash treated crops before eating. No withholding period .
  • Safe Disposal of Containers and Chemicals
  • Safe Storage of Home Garden Products

Regulations Regulations

HSNO Approval code: HSR000588.
Concentrate: Registered Pursuant to ACVM Act 1997 No P007401.
Organic Super Spraying Oil - Concentrate - SDS
Kiwicare BioGro Certificate

Ready to Use: Registered Pursuant to ACVM Act 1997 No P008055.
Organic Super Spraying Oil - RTU - SDS

Note: Ready to Use not BioGro Certified.


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Just a quick update on the Kiwicare products.

The roses were getting quite infested so I decided to try the Organic Super Spraying Oil first to see what effect that had.

Result ... roses are now completely aphid free and I've just become a fan of the Oil.

Will still use the Spectrum as a disease preventative and insect killer but now know which is the quick one for aphids alone.

Thanks again for all your help and replacement products. It's great to know that some producers do care about what they sell and you deserve a gold medal for that.
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