Birds can be a significant pest when they nest in the roof of homes.

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The scratching of birds in a roof void can often be mistaken for rodent infestation. Starlings frequently nest in the eaves of houses. Bird nests can be infested with bird fleas and other insects and bird fleas will readily bite humans when their usual host is not available. Starlings and their offspring will return to the same nest site each year and add to the nest until nests can grow to become a fire hazard.


  • If nests can be accessed, wearing gloves, dust mask and goggles clear away all nesting material into bin bags, seal and remove from the roof space.
  • Keep birds out of roof spaces and other places they are pests by denying them entry. Seal the gaps around eaves where birds enter with gutter guards or other methods. This is best done prior to birds beginning nesting for the season. If nesting has begun wait until the birds are out of the nest searching for nesting material or food.
  • Spray nests with NO Bugs Super to control any insect pest they may harbour. If nests cannot be accessed the use of NO Bugs Super Bug Bomb will penetrate into eaves etc. and control insects.

Tips Tips

Hearing scratching in the roof? Is it birds or rodents? You will tend to hear rats and mice through the night but birds only at dusk or dawn and through the day.

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