Burnt Pine Longhorn Beetle

Burnt Pine Beetle is a member of the longhorn group of beetles that tend to be elongate and with long antennae. They commonly fly into homes and other buildings from close by pine trees or fire wood. Their large size can be of concern to people.

Identify the problem Identify the problem

Adult burnt pine beetle females are 12-30 mm long. Males tend to be smaller than females.
Females are dark brown to black, while males are usually a lighter brown. The body is elongate and oval in cross section, as in most other longhorn beetles. The thread-like antennae are more than half the length of the body.

Adults live for several weeks and may be present between November and March.

Note: The Two Toothed Longhorn borer beetle looks similar but can be a threat to timber buildings.


  • Burnt Pine Beetles are not normally a pest except as a nuisance when large numbers fly or crawl indoors. Numbers can be reduced by spraying the exterior of a building and any stored firewood with NO Bugs Super.

Did You Know Did You Know

  • Burnt Pine Beetle larvae attack logs, stumps, and standing, dead or dying pine trees. Particularly heavy infestations occur in trees damaged by fire giving the beetle its name.
  • The Burnt pine beetle is Arhopalus tristis

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